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Holy Aroma


Healthy products are a very important part of my life.

Though the FDA denies that antiperspirants containing aluminum are linked to breast cancer

and Alzheimer’s disease, there have been many studies linking aluminum to various health problems.

For years I searched for a reliable deodorant that did not contain aluminum.

I found some I thought were great but ultimately didn’t work- Until a dear friend gave me some of her homemade

deodorant. I could hardly believe it… It worked better than everything I’ve ever tried! 

​I loved it so much, that I shared it with family members who struggle with sweating and body odor. They found it to be

amazing as well. So, I decided to make some of my own to distribute to as many people as possible.

Now, I am making it available to you! 

Holy Aroma

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Holy Aroma is an all-natural deodorant with only the ingredients necessary to do the job. If you are looking for a deodorant with ingredients that are not harmful, this is it!


"Over the past year, I have noticed that due to perimenopause my body chemistry is changing and the deodorant that I have always used no longer was doing the trick. I tried a clinical strength option and had a reaction to it. Since then, I have been on the hunt for a natural alternative that is effective. I have been using Holy Aroma for a couple of weeks now and I am so impressed with the results. I feel like Mary Katherine Gallagher from SNL who keeps putting her hands in her armpits and smelling them. But every time I do, they smell great!! I am a Holy Aroma believer and now I will be a faithful customer!

Thanks for saving my pits from despair Christina!

P.S. I also bought it for my young adult daughters so they can start using a natural option earlier than I did!"

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